OnBoard Together


OnBoard Together is a Silicon Valley-wide initiative dedicated to helping local nonprofits create strong boards of directors. This is a joint venture of Thrive Alliance, Center for Excellence in Nonprofits, and Silicon Valley Council of Nonprofits designed to institute a more collaborative approach to cultivating board service.

What can you expect from OnBoard Together in 2019?

  • Broader geographic reach and visibility, with an OnBoard Match event near you

  • Customized OnBoard Workshops to prepare you for the experience, whether you are a board prospect searching for your dream organization, or a nonprofit leader seeking new board talent

  • Increased partnership and collaboration within the region to facilitate board matches that lift up Silicon Valley's nonprofit sector.


Silicon Valley's Can't-Miss Networking Events:
Matching Nonprofits with Board Members


Board members are vital to the success of organizations. Often, nonprofits are unable to find and reach potential board members due to their lack of resources, networks, and time. OnBoard Match events are designed to connect interested candidates with agencies, generate awareness, and develop a pipeline of board members for participating nonprofits.

These events also provide many incredible opportunities for local talent. Serving on a nonprofit board can be personally and professionally rewarding - it creates opportunities to hone skills and build networks while giving back to the communities where you live or work. OnBoard Match events offer every local professional and volunteer a chance to find a nonprofit that matches his/her passion and potential.


Upcoming OnBoarD Match Events

High-Quality Resources for Board Service


Whether you are just thinking about serving on a nonprofit board and wondering how to choose the right board for yourself, want to polish up your skills before the match event, or interested in exploring new effective tactics to engage your board members - we've got you covered. OnBoard Together experts offer a series of OnBoard Workshops to provide current and prospective board members and nonprofits with essential knowledge and high-quality resources for board service and nonprofit board management.


Upcoming WORKSHOP Schedule

What was your favorite part of OnBoard?

The participants lived and worked locally AND they wanted to give back locally-that was the best part! We recruited one new board member who’s been tremendous this year.
— Rachel Del Monte, Nonprofit Exhibitor
Serving on a Board is challenging and meaningful. I am so glad I joined a Board from last year’s event. Thank you OnBoard!
— Ellen Rudy, Board Seeker
Getting to network with local nonprofits and with people interested in supporting the community.
— Irma Zoepf, Nonprofit Exhibitor
The nonprofit hosts’ energy - very positive and engaging.
— Elaine Orr, Board Seeker


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